The following repos are available at the different branches.  If interested in placing a bid, pleas contact the branch location.

                 Mableton Branch
          ο   1998 Mercedes ML320
          ο   Company Car/Well Maintained
          ο   $3500.00 or best offer
          ο   Phone: 770-941-1100

                Douglasville Branch            

          ο   1995 Mercedes E320                     ο  2002 Ford Mustang
          ο    Good Condition                           ο  Good Condition
          ο    Taking Bids                                  ο  Taking Bids
          ο    Phone: 770-949-6226    
               ο  Phone: 770-949-6226       

                                       Villa Rica Branch   
           ο    2002 Honda Accord                    ο   2004 Mazda MPV
           ο    Needs Engine                             ο   Good Condition
           ο    Taking Bids                                ο   Taking Bids
           ο    Phone: 770-459-1957                 ο   Phone: 770-459-1957
           ο   2002 Saturn SC1
           ο   Taking Bids
           ο   Phone : 770-459-1957       

               Bremen Branch

         ο    2001 Ford Windstar             ο  1992 Jeep Laredo
         ο    Fair Condition                     ο  Taking Bids  
         ο    Taking Bids                          ο  Good Condition
         ο    Phone:  770-537-6115         ο  Phone: 770-537-6115       

         ο    1997 Saturn SI
         ο    Good Condition
         ο    Taking Bids
         ο    Phone:  770-537-6115                               



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